Friday, July 3, 2015

Take that as a sign

I was just thinking how dating this time around has been uneventful and totally misleading compared to when I was younger. Comparing the time I met -----, and how my life has changed in areas and not in others. I had just made a cup of tea, sat down to check my messages, and there in my inbox was a newsletter from some life coach dating guru. 
The opening line said in big bold pink letters "Don' Give Up On LOVE...You're never too old for real love"

Talk about timing or what?

I don't even remember having signed up for this particular newsletter. Must have been one of those "because you signed up for blah blah we thought you'd like blah blah blah"  those come all the time.

There is a part of me that thinks I should never have bothered to start dating again, and part of me that just can't give up on the idea of finding the right guy.  Honestly, I'm just tired of the going in circles.
Too much bad advice over the years mixed with living in a small city, has left me making really poor dating decisions.  Which now I see were really poor dating decisions. If I could flip a switch and go back in time the men I would avoid...not too mention some of the advice I'd have run away screaming from...

Anyways, it's a Friday afternoon in the middle of summer and I'm sitting here wondering what other little hidden messages the universe has up it's sleeve? 

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