Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zero points no one wins

The dating thing was a really horrible idea. The first day, I got a message from a guy here in town, and I knew he wasn't my type in any way shape or form. But, I sent a reply because he was the first guy to send me a message.
Didn't hear anything else from him, which was fine. Til I woke up this morning and saw he'd sent me a message at 1am, last night/this morning.  I answered his question. He just messaged me again, but before I could read it, it was deleted. His profile is still there, so he obviously decided to be a dick and add me to the no fly list.  Normally, that would bother me to the ends of the earth, but dude if you're going to be a child then find someone who likes that cause I've got no time for it.

I really think that communication is only part of the issue between people these days. As I really think the core issue is that men and women have a different definition of what "dating" is. 

When women say dating we mean relationship, early stages maybe, but relationship none the less. When men it seems say dating, they mean one night stands or friends with benefits. 
When a woman says one night stand, we mean it was one night and doubt it will ever happen again.

The one decent guy I've talked with on the dating site, cut the conversation when he realized I didn't live in his city. Otherwise, he was down right perfect. 38, single no kids, 5 foot 11, jet black hair, pale skin, chocolate brown eyes, a photographer, vegan and into New Age spirituality.  Totally beyond my dream come true.  Only, he lived on the other side of the country. Damn it!  Life is truly not fair.
Seriously, could Aphrodite custom make a man for me any better?

There is a lesson in here somewhere, I'm just too tired to look.

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