Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dirty Laundry 56

My cousin Walsh messaged me bit ago. "So, you alive?"


Walsh-:"And? What happened the other day? You bump into him again?"

Me-:"I hid like a coward never poked my face out of the apartment door. Finally had to as trash needed to go out. Wrote lots though. Like five parts to the fairytale already posted a couple."

Walsh-:"I saw the one about the guy getting raped."

Me-:"Good, bad what?"  he went silent for awhile. "What did you think of that part?" 

Walsh-:"It was okay better than some of the other stuff you'd written lately. I like the new characters."

Me-:"I was inspired by that new company lately."

Walsh-:"You're New Favourite, he's going to company number two eh?"

Me-:"NOOOOO!!!!"  I actually think I whined. "Don't tell me stuff like that! I stopped watching company number two like two months ago. Damn it! He's the main reason I've been interested in the new company."


Me-:"You're lying to me aren't you?" He sent me a link to the wiki page for company number two, and sure enough my New Favourite is listed as being on their roster. Damn it!  "You do these things to make me cry don't you?"

Walsh-:"Yes. This case yes. You going to be okay?"

Me-:"Yeah, just means I have to start watching the other company again is all"

Walsh-:"I meant the real thing with ----- living upstairs. You over it yet?"

Me-:"Well I wasn't thinking about it right now till you brought it up again."

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