Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dirty Laundry 59

I got a text from Pussycat-:"You friends with Chai-Chai?"

I stood there staring at the text racking my brains as to who he was talking about. Then I realized he meant one of the ones from our witchy group. "I've chatted with her on the online group why?"

Pussycat-:"She can't stop talking about you."

Me-:"Would explain why my ears have been burning today. Now who'd I piss off?"

Pussycat-:"No I mean she can't stop talking about you! You need to tell her you're straight like right now."

Oh crap!   "How does she not know? I even talked about my hot East Indian neighbour  who always smells like fresh mint, and sometimes helps me with my groceries."

Pussycat-:"Don't know, don't care take care of it! She thinks you two are going out next week."

Me-:"Hang on. What? The group ritual thing?"

Pussycat-:"What group ritual thing?"

Me-:"The New Moon ritual thing."

Pussycat-:"Isn't one this month. Kiki has to work can't host it. It's been cancelled."

Balls!   "You remember you offered to do that spell the other week. Did you? To help get us men?"

Pussycat-:"Yeah. Worked for me I've had three sleepovers with Nathan since"  he went silent for a few minutes then sent me a facebook message. "phone died. I used the candles you gave me from the gift basket, the herbs Nathan gave me and the large amethyst that Chai-Chai gave me."  he went silent again. "Oooooohhhhh girl! Okay I'll fix it. My bad. love you doll."

Yeah, thanks man. Like my life isn't crappy enough as it is. Now I've got misguided cupids mucking it all up. There are seriously days when I wish I had just let my dad's uncle set me up in an arranged marriage back when I was 15 to his adopted son. But then, I wouldn't be me. I'd be some poorly treated housewife to a raging alcoholic in Rotterdam.  Much better to be single and depressed then you know, dead.

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