Wednesday, August 17, 2016

post it note Aug 17th 2016

The tarots keep bringing up the Knight of Cups. It's been the one constant for the last few years. I should by now, have figured out what it's trying to tell me, only I haven't. I have no idea Herman, if that means anything to you? But here's hoping. Most decks have the Knight of Cups representing a man with light hair, pale skin and blue eyes. A shy man, romantic, creative.

I imagine Mr. Scratchy, that you are checking in tonight, wearing a pair of black track pants and a green t-shirt. I think there is a small ink stain on the bottom left sort of to the side but not quite. I believe you are sitting there reading this, a cup of tea beside you in a travel mug. Winding down after a long week. Those little wire rimmed glasses perched on your nose, missing me.
Right, this is where I have to ask Herman, if you've in the last few days, hurt your left arm? More than once, Mr. Scratchy, in the last couple of days, I've been sitting here watching tv or reading and my left arm has felt as if something has happened to it. As if someone has slammed into it, or wrenched it. And well I automatically thought "he's done something to himself ". 
Anyways, I think you're reading this tonight, missing me. Missing my dreamy stubbornness, missing my blogging shoulder to lean on. No pun intended. I imagine you've got a copy of a vampire novel beside you, possibly reading something I've mentioned recently.  Okay Mr. Scratchy, I have to go write now about my New Favourite. He's been inspiring me a lot lately.

sweet dreams, Herman.

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