Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dirty Laundry 57

I did a reading for my friend Scarlett the other day, that went shall I say, horribly wrong. According to her, it went horribly wrong. The main relationship cards came up in the reversed positions, Two of Cups, Lovers, and Four of Wands. All bottoms up. She physically cringed and sort of pulled her hands into her sleeves when she saw them. It got worse from there, as the pregnancy cards came up, Empress, Ace of Wands, and Queen of Pentacles.  She looked at me with this absolute fear in her eyes.  She then admitted she's been sick off and on for the last week, thinking it was stress from the original situation she was asking about.

Okay, don't shoot the messenger, I am only telling you what I see here.  I happened to notice she'd taken off her engagement ring too. Hence the desire for a reading to begin with.

While we were sitting in the cafe doing the reading, this really cute guy came in. He's a regular there and I've noticed only comes in on days when Scarlett is working. I've noticed this, Pussycat has noticed this, Scarlett has not. I left a few minutes after Cute Regular got there.

Scarlett messaged me awhile after that asking "What should I do?"

Me-:"Cute Regular. Grab him like now, while you've got the chance before you move."

She must have told Pussycat what I'd said because he texted me last night.

Pussycat-:"I agree!"


Pussycat-:"I've been telling her for two years this guy is no good for her. She needs to dump him, and I think Cute Regular is just what she needs to do. So I agree."

Everyone has been telling her if she's doubting her relationship then she already knows what she needs to do about it. 

Pussycat-:"How's it going for you?"


Pussycat-:"Has your ex seen you?"

Me-:"No. I've managed to avoid bumping into him again." 

Pussycat-:"You need to get a new mans. New mans!!! We all need new mans."

Me-:"Preach it sister."

Pussycat-:"I'm doing a spell to bring just more love into my life. Do you want me to do one for you? Not a love spell, I don't touch those, but a spell just to make you more sexy."

Me-:"Thanks. Cool."

Pussycat-:"But...if I were to word something in there what do you want in a man besides a big penis?"

I laughed on that for a few minutes.  "Um...someone with the same sense of humour as me, and someone who speaks the same language as me."

Pussycat-:"Sweetie everyone pretty much speaks English now that's not a hard one to find."

Me-:"True but I was meaning someone who really gets my weirdness."

Pussycat-:"I get your weirdness!!!! We are the weridos Mr."

Me-:"You're gay, you don't count"

Pussycat-:"I love the Craft. I have the soundtrack on right now."

Me-:"But that's what I mean. I want a man who speaks vampire movie."

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