Sunday, July 9, 2017

Post it note July 9th 2017

I can't be the only one who finds themselves having to jump around from one piece of social media to the other all day long, in order to keep up with people?  Seriously, no matter how many people on instagram I follow, I only ever see the same three people's feeds. Then, when I hop over to facebook, I only see feeds from these two main people, then twitter for another handful, and of course youtube for the other handful. It's exhausting. Emotionally, physically, mindnumbingly exhausting.

Which is why I no longer care about anyone or anything and am so out of touch with the world. 

I've just literally returned to twitter in the past few days, after not having been on it in over two years. It hasn't gotten any calmer that's for sure.  I still prefer youtube. Think I always will.

Anyways, was talking to someone on instagram, about finding your place in the world. Your tribe online sort of thing. I don't know man, just when I think that I've found mine, I end up being wrong. Like realizing not only do I not gel with the main people and therefore don't fit in, but once the surface noise is scratched off, just how much we rub each other the wrong way. Sandpaper on a teflon pan wrong. 

The worst of it, there is this one guy who drives me nutballs. Like, sort of in a good way sort of in a I want to stab him with shrimp forks in the thighs sort of way.  We've talked a few times on facebook and direct/private messages. But, open comments, I'm lucky if he gives me a thumbs up.  What's up with that?  And he's pulling one of those elitist high school moves where if I don't speak to him for a while he cruises in at me, sending me a random "Hey man".  Just enough of a tap on the shoulder to have me checking my damned messages all day like a really bad cliched movie character.

I swear, the internet has made social clues worthless.

Anyways, Mr. Scratchy; Herman. I think you're checking in tonight, dressed in a pair of grey-green sweat pants; and a faded light blue-white t-shirt with the logo for some old 80's movie...Gremlins. Yeah, I'm going on record saying it's a Gremlins shirt. Don't ask, I don't know just the image that popped into my head while writing this. I think you're standing around your kitchen wearing those little wire rimmed glasses, making a cup of tea, chopping up bananas for...I really want to say your dog. I have mentioned way in the past that I think you have a dog, so I think you're hanging out with your dog in your kitchen, just unwinding from your day. I said once before too that I think you've taken up tarot cards in the past, and so I think tonight you've decided to grab them and have them spread out across the table.

And as always Herman, dream of me. Preferably doing something cool. 

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