Sunday, September 7, 2014


When it comes to relationships, there is just so much crap out there.

I've infamously had a string of relationships that just did not work. Disappointing one night stands that left me feeling like the man would have preferred I wasn't even there. I've taken dating advice from friends and family, that just fell flat. I've been asked for dating advice from friends and family that 97% of the time, just left me confused as to why they would ask me given they knew my love life was crap. I've taken the advice given by experts that just didn't work. Advice from books, from magazines, from websites, from television shows/movies. And yet, I'm still single.

What up with that?

What is it about relationships that leaves so many of us confused and feeling alone?  We envy those who manage to get it right, while secretly or not so secretly hating them for it. I think it's also the real reason society loves the rich and famous so much. Knowing that no one is immune to the falldown of bad romantic choices.

I'm not even too sure what caused this all to pop into my brain this morning, but there you go. We all know that finding love/relationships feels like the hard part, but in truth it's the easy; keeping it is the difficult. 

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