Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Age Issue

I read an article by a relationships expert that stated "all women age regress when they are attracted to or feel comfortable with a man".

Well yeah.  Wither we bump into an ex on the street, meet a new potential love interest or are in that middle stage of connection,  we tend to have the giggle-fits of a teenager.  Think of it like that movie 13 going on 30  where Jennifer Gardner's character makes a wish and wakes up years later as an adult but has no clue how to act.   Yeah, that's a women in love at any age. (my main blog is extreme proof of this)

But we never see any research on the man's side of it.  Do men age regress or for that matter have the opposite effect when they meet someone they are attracted to/feel comfortable with?  When two people like each other, do they meet in the middle?

And just like in  Season three of Sex and the City  (episode 45 Hot Child in the City) Carrie  just can't help but wonder .... Are we 34 going on 13? 

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