Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Faking it

I had no idea so many men faked it.
I knew other women faked it.  But outside of movies, didn't know men did.  That was until last summer when I read an article online about how over 60% of men end up faking it.  

Over 60% ! How is that possible that, that many men would need to fake it?   I talked to a few of my straight single male friends at that time, and was shocked to find every single one of them had faked it more times then they cared to really admit to.

Okay ladies, what does that say about us?
And my gay male friends... not one of them admitted to ever having to fake it.

So does that mean that it's just us girls who can't keep our men coming around the curb or are the gay guys just not admitting to it?  May never know on that one.

I'm going to tell you this much, I've never faked it.  Hard to believe but, I haven't.   Sure, I might have needed to, maybe even should have but refuse to.  If a guy can't get me there, I am not going to pretend that he has. I'm going to tell him flat out he didn't get the job done. 
Hurt feelings?  I'm sure there's been a few.  Which makes me wonder about the men I've been with...

In season 2 of Sex and the City, (episode 16 They Shoot Single People Don't They?) Miranda has to fake an orgasm every time she's with her new boyfriend.  The quote of the week being "Is it better to fake it then be alone?"

To me, faking it is lying.  I don't lie.  Sex is the second most important form of communication besides talking; in a relationship. And relationships that work,  are based on trust.

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