Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow, she's so Unattractive...I'm in love

Does that statement seem right to you?

Me either. 

You've all heard me say that I've done a bunch of dating sites over the years.  Here's the thing, all of those sites have tips and quizes and stuff that's suppose to increase your chances of finding love.
One of those sites, just put out an article about how the less attractive men find women, the more it's suppose to work in a woman's favour.

Come again?  What now?  Dude, if that's true, then why am I still not married?

Um, okay, I sort of can't argue with that completely, as I know first hand when I first started on some of the dating sites couple of years ago, I had a ton of hot men talking to me because they all told me they felt more comfortable with me.  None of it really lead anywhere.
The top thing I am told by  men is that they want someone intelligent to talk to.  The second thing is that they love my eyes. 
My eyes.  Really... make a girl feel like crap.

The swing shift of it is getting the random "your so f*cking hot/sexy."   I never believe a man when he tells me that.  I hear that and the warning bells scream at me that he's either laughing his ass off with his buddies or else he's a slut.

So bottom line, what is it that truly attracts a man to you for a serious reason?
I've yet to find out.

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