Monday, July 21, 2014

post it note 21st july 2014

Dear Herman:

+30C here with a humidex of +42C.  Yeah, that's unbearable.  Hope wherever you are, it's air conditioned.

Saw the ppv last night, and was less then impressed by the way the storyline between Mad Hatter and Rebel without a Cause was done.  I wanted a match not just...anyways...I imagine you checking in tonight, a cigarette in hand...don't know why I suddenly think you are a smoker just do. 
Dressed in a pair of grey shorts and t-shirt. I think you have a super sized iced tea in front of you and are reading the sports pages online. Like, a randomness of scores and stuff from some sports channel website. That sentence made perfect sense, it's your buddy looking over your shoulder reading that just didn't get it.

So I'm off to watch tonight's wrestling and maybe work on a art project...need to clear my mind and relax from the chaos that is this move.  Smooth it's not.

And as, smirk and snarl.

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