Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weigh in on that

"Where's your boyfriend?"  Uncle M. asked me as he fired up the drill once again. He was putting the blinds up for me in the new apartment this afternoon.

Me-:"Don't have one right now."

He laughed, mumbling something I didn't catch as he started up the drill again, realizing he'd hung the bracket upside down.

Uncle M.-:"Well...well, what do you mean you don't have a boyfriend? Eh? Your cousin just started seeing someone from work there...you're not seeing anyone because why? She's larger then you and she has no problem getting guys. So don't think you have to let that stop you."

Nice to see that's the first thing that everyone jumps at. My lack of a love life comes back to the jabba-the-hut factor.

Me-:"Uh...well..."   I seriously didn't have an answer for that.

Uncle M. -:"Go ask that guy out there to go out." he laughed again pointing the drill towards the window. "He's been looking in here at you for the last five minutes."

Me-:"That's because we're standing right in the window and he's the grounds keeper. We're like in his way if the window wasn't there."   Poor guy, on his knees in front of the window trying to plant trees and all he's got to stare at is us. "Besides, he's married."

Uncle M. -:"Oh you've talked to him?"

Me-:"No. He's got a wedding ring on."   My uncle laughed again, mumbling something about not letting that stop me and decided that he measured the length of the window wrong.   "Besides, that guy, so not my type."

Uncle M. -:"Type? That's a cop out. Okay so what's your type? See if I know anyone."

Me-:"Uh...I prefer younger, pale, short hair, nice arms, athletic but not too sculptured..."  he looked at me from the corner of his eye.

Uncle M. -:"What's that suppose to mean? Athletic but not too sculptured?"

Me-:"Like a natural looking, not overly pumped up. Funny, my kind of funny."

Uncle M. -:"Sounds like you've got someone in mind. You sure you don't have a boyfriend?" he laughed again.  That giggle of nervousness seems to run in the family as both my cousin Walsh and one of my female cousins do that all the time too.

Me-:"There hasn't been anyone in awhile." I suddenly felt dizzy for a brief second, like when you are in an elevator and you have that jolt when you reach your floor. "I just know what I'm looking for. Nothing wrong with that."

He shrugged closing the blinds to make sure he'd done it right. "Just don't let yourself wait too long. Don't want to end up alone like your mother." He nodded, grabbed his measuring tape and nodded again happy with his work. "Just sounds like to me you've got someone in mind."

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