Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16th 2014

Remember when you were in high school and there was always that one person, usually a chick who was just a total nit of a troublemaker?   Well, That would be Tarot Lady.
Was at the bus stop, waiting in the way too hot sun, when she spotted me and came over to where I was. The same thing she's been complaining about now for months, how Timothy is stealing her clients and tarot spread.  Okay word of note, you can't "steal" a tarot spread, even if it is your favourite spread that has become a semi-trademark in your group.
Anyways, she was leaning in way too close to me, breathing on me as she "whispered" that he was out to get her, because "he's gotten really deep into all that witchcraft." 

Tarot Lady continued tell inform me that she's being forced out of the apartment building because someone called the health department claiming she had bed bugs.


I cringe as I even think about it. She blamed that on one of the ladies who lives in the apartment just below her on the main floor. Someone who's never been in her apartment.

Life is never truly dull, even when you think it is. Weird, petty even, but never dull.

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