Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday July 5th

I went to the grocery on the way back from mom's last night, Storm was working and he asked me how it was going with the move.  I just kind of slumped there exhausted.

Me-:"Long process. All the moving companies in this town are owned by the same guy. And I can't afford his rates."

Storm-:"Rent a u-haul."

Me-:"Looks like I'm going to have to. But even then, I need to find someone who can drive and has a buddy to help."

Storm-:"You don't drive? Me either otherwise I'd help. I had the same issue last year when I moved. Everyone was all like, when you need me I'll be totally able to help, then when it was moving day, everyone suddenly disappeared. Total struggle."

Me-:"And that's what I'm dealing with now. Not too mention half my stuff just won't fit, I need to massively downsize so like 90% of my stuff will have to be sent to the dump. That's going to cost more then the actual move."

Storm-:"Life sucks."  he got called into the back storage room then.

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