Monday, July 28, 2014

Naked Neighbour

Supper time last night, I knocked on the door of my across the hall neighbour, waiting, holding a very heavy bass guitar. After almost five minutes, I gave up and put the instrument back into the darkness of my apartment. His door opened finally, him standing there hiding behind the door, obviously naked.

Neighbour-:"Oh, was that you knocking just now?"  he ducked in for a second and put on a pair of shorts.

Me-:"The guitar..." I held it up not knowing what to say, or where to look. He's really sexy, not in the typical underwear model or anything, I mean he'll never be Mad Hatter or Werewolf King or anything, but...he's got charisma.  I really don't want to think what he was doing that took so long to answer the door, or whom he might have been doing it with.

Neighbour-:"Friday. Pay day."

Me-:"Won't be here Friday. Movers are coming in the morning. I have to hand in the keys by 11:30pm Thursday."

He took the bass looking it over, then smirked at me over the edge of the neck of it. I seriously had to turn away for a few seconds, ended up checking out his tattoos; as he started to smooth his fingers over the curves of it before handing it back.

Neighbour-:"But you'll be around till then right?" he rubbed at his face, licking his lips.

Me-:"I couldn't find the amp. I think my ex-boyfriend might have run off with it few years back."

He cleared his throat then, turning to face me, his shoulder brushing against mine. I stumbled backwards, blushing. What the hell is it with this guy?  I honestly thought for a split second that he was going to hug me or something. Which of course he did not. Just stood there a few seconds too long, swinging the door opened and closed, his skull against the wall.

Neighbour-:"Well, don't sell it before Friday okay?"

Me-:"Uh...okay. Just have to see how the end of the week goes..." 

He nodded, his eyes sparkling and once again, I had to turn to look anywhere but his face.  I can't remember the last time a man had that sort of affect on me? It's been years.
This is bad, very very bad. By the end of the week, I'll be completely moved out, and I still don't know if he's got a girlfriend. But damn, he was flirting just enough...

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