Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The International Model Guy

In season one of Sex and the City, there is an episode called "Models vs Mortals"  where Carrie talks about how so many men in New York only date models, and Miranda and Samantha both end up dating the type of guy, known as the Modelizers. 

A few months ago, I was called a Wrestlizer by one guy because of my addiction to wrestlers.  Now the whole idea behind modelizers; is that they never date outside of that type. 
That term does not really apply to me, as I have not really dated any wrestlers.

Last night, I complained on my main blog about how I miss flirting, and a guy I know who used to work at the local Starbucks, read it.   Starbucks Dude knows everyone from his job.  At the end of my blog post I asked if anyone had anyone they could set me up with.  Starbucks Dude told me about International Model Guy. 

Starbucks Dude  "He'll makes that wrestler you're always crushing on look like hamburger helper"

Me  "What's wrong with hamburger helper?"

Starbucks Dude  "Do you want to meet International Model Guy or what?"

You know I did, there was no question about it.
He's originally from here and moved back to town in the last few months. So we ended up having a brief few minutes chat, me and IMG, and exchanged emails.  He ended things with "I think you are very interesting and would love to at some point go for coffee"

Translation - I think you are an ugly cow but will string you along for a few weeks in case I get bored/horny/dumped -

I think I will stick to my wrestlers.

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