Monday, November 8, 2010

When Your Dream is not Your Fantasy

Can you measure up?

Neptune went direct today.   While Venus is still in retrograde for another week.

What does this have to do with relationships? More then you think.
We'll start with Venus, the planet of love. Venus rules love, sex, beauty, affection, art, decor, harmony, society and friendships.  Basically how you see and feel about relationships and how things look.  When the planet goes retrograde (reverse mode) it can cause havoc on how people represent themselves and how you view everything.

Neptune controls mystery, illusion, imagination, dreams, spirituality and visions.  In other words, how you clarify something.

So the planet of love is making things seem different then they are, while the planet of dreams is coming into focus.   And what this has to do with my post is coming.

Here's a question for you... what do you do if the man of your dreams is not the man of your fantasies?
That's my dilemma.
For years, and I do mean for as long as I can remember, I've had dreams about a guy.  He's become how I think the perfect man should look. In my dreams, he's always doing something boring and normal (taking out the trash, reading in a library, painting on the porch, driving etc)  I recently (in the last few years)  found out this man exists.  Yeah, he's more then a dream man, he's the ONE. The guy I've been searching for since I was a teenager.

Dream Man has a friend.  It's his friend that stirs my nocturnal fantasies; not Dream Man.  

Today of all days, I've been unable to get this issue off my mind.  Fantasy Guy, a few people could even argue, would be better suited for me then Dream Man.  How do you compromise your dreams with your fantasies and still keep touch with reality?

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