Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But hes a drag

Last year, when I was on the dating site, I got a few messages from a guy who ... well is a drag queen.  Most of the time.  He's friends with Sophia actually and in one of the so-called hottest bands in town.  So imagine my surprise when he out of nowhere asked me to get together.  I wasn't thinking anything past the fact he kept talking about his band, so I showed up one Sunday morning for coffee not showered and wearing paint stained clothes. 
He showed up looking like a guy on a date, in men's clothes which is something none of us have ever seen him in.
We hung out for an hour and talked solely about his band.  I even interviewed him about it.  Time moved on and I never heard from him again,  it was all business. 

I just got a message from him out of the blue.  Huh.  Odd.  This is the fifth guy from last year, that I met through there, that has called/emailed me in the last two weeks.  Is there something in the water around here suddenly that I'm like the "IT GIRL"? Not that I am really complaining on being IT GIRL. Everyone wants to be the center of someone's attention.
But what's gotten me in a state of shock is that he said he just broke up with his girlfriend. 
Hang on?  He's a drag queen? Everyone in town has always said the same thing, that he's gay.  So, does this mean we've all been wrong?

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's skirt.

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