Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OMG! The Designer

"You know like Robert Lee Grant's character in that fashion movie" Jordan The Gay Guy said.

"You mean Richard E Grant." I know I should not have been so snippy, but we were standing in line at the pharmacy, me in pain from the shoulders down, hunched over and just the last thing I had wanted was to bump into Jordan.

"Right whatever hahaha" he said. Picture this, a 5 foot 3 boy-man (no figure to his form) with thick dreadlocks, platform shoes (which put him at 5 foot 9) combat patterned pants in red and black, and a see through shirt under a black hoodie. Did I mention the blue clip on hair extensions that were sprouting out of his dreadlocks like weeds, and the glittery blue eye shadow that looks like it has been put on drunkenly in the dark. He had spotted me, ran over gave me a big hug and started telling me about what he's up to now.
JTGG used to be married to a former friend of mine. The Designer. The Designer is Sophia's sister (Wannabe Socialite) Ten years ago, everyone who met JTGG would ask if he was gay, as he always had a great fashion sense (no idea what happened to him) and is very girly in his speech/gestures. He would always say very angrily "no not gay". They were married for seven years, then one day JTGG admitted he might actually be "Bisexual" and within two months of that left the Designer for his boyfriend and came out completely.

When he decided to become the poster child for bad gothic club kids I have no idea. It's as if the second he came out of the closet, he left his real fashion self on the shelf. Seriously, it's as if he's trying too hard to be gay. Like now that he's out, he is trying to live up to the cliched version of a gay man you see in movies all the time. It's sad really. I hope he grows out of it and just realizes that he can be sexually free in jeans and a tee shirt. Or just go totally drag.

Yes I know I sound like the fashion swat team but had you known him five years ago, you would be feeling the same fashion shame now.
So it seems he's gotten into design himself now. Said he watched a tribute to Alexander McQueen on television last week and "finally understood what his ex wife was always getting at".

This I can not see going too far. And the fact he declared his "muse" to be a character from a movie that was a mockage on the very industry he now claims to be wanting part of... well you do the math. 
Originally posted on my other blog on Feb 28th 2010

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