Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gold Diggers

For years this city was void of men.  Now, they're coming out of the woodwork... literally.

Last year this time, the city approved a few construction ventures, and reopened one of the mills and one mine just outside of the city limits.  Suddenly, tons of twentysomething men appeared like magic in the area.

The only issues are, most of these guys work such crazy long hours even when you manage to find one once, you loose him underground for weeks even months.  The other issue, they all tend to not trust a woman is after them for their ass; believing that only their money is the desire.

It's almost like they have a celebrity phobia persona.  They're the star and you're the groupie. 

How do you prove to a man who is almost never around to give you a chance?  To let him know the weight of his coin is not your attraction but the length of his bill?

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