Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Friday -Nov 12th 2010

Earlier this week, I got a message from International Model Guy, asking if I wanted to get together this weekend.  I said sure and told him to call me.   It's noon on a Friday and I'm still waiting.

Are we in a holding pattern?   I thought the modern man had gotten rid of the games of dating and that the so called "three day rule"  no longer exists.   Seems I was wrong.

The thing is, I'm not getting any usual red flags with him.  Am I crazy or is it just that I'm so used to it that red flags don't register any more?

Maybe a little bit of both.

Here's the big thing,  as much as IMG is on my mind, someone else is on my mind more so and for other reasons.
Galvin.  He's lodged himself into the creases of my mind this week. He's gotten himself into a situation and as much as I want to help him out of it, it's beyond my influence.  But yet he's all I am able to think about.

Is it wrong that I would rather just have a two hour conversation with Galvin then a hot date with International Model Guy, even more so when there seems to be an all clear white flag situation?


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