Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday 8:15pm post it note

Last night, my ear was burning for over two hours.  From just after 10:30pm EST till after 12:30am.  Who could possibly have that much to talk about in regards to me?
I hope it was just you Mr. Scratchy and your buddies.

Been a quiet week, with nothing but watching movies. No Mr. Scratchy, I did not see the ppv last night. I read on the social site that the Pack lost though. Very upset to hear that.

The fairy tale is nearly ending. I broke my number one rule the other day, got the two lead characters together. I wasn't going to do that, but the posts that I'd written hinting at that were some of the posts to get the most hits. So I thought, could lead to a good twist. If nothing else, it's an easy wrap up for one of the subplots.

Okay Herman, hope you read this and smile. Or smirk, or pout or something.

P.S. for some weird reason I want to ask how the left side of your skull is? And your left leg?  Like I've said before, I've learned to just say what pops into my mind, for better or worse.

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