Saturday, October 5, 2013

post it note 5th oct

My landlord was stoned out of his mind yesterday.  Went to pay rent which he never bothered to come collect, and he didn't even know what day it was, standing there spraying air freshener as if that could hide the layer of pot haze that was pouring out of his apartment like fog.  Oh my god.

Herman, Mr. Scratchy; how you been? I imagine you checking in today, tired, an extremely large travel mug of coffee in hand, going over your schedule for the week. I think you're dressed in grey today. Some grey like say your shirt. I think that if you weren't a grey type guy before, you've become one since reading my stuff. And a yellow hat, no idea why I think you have a yellow hat...wool hat. One of those winter knitted things. They're really popular here with guys. 
Okay Herman, I hope I brought a smile to your face today. I hope I bring a smile every day.

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