Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday October 1st

Mornings are starting to be the same lately.  Coffee, check stuff online that I missed out on while sleeping -aka the drama from the social site- then write or go for a walk before the seasons change and I'm stuck in doors, go to mom's to catch up on the shows she recorded for me the night before.

So, right now, coffee and checking online.

I had been wondering what I'd done to piss off Male Friend #1 the kid from Mexico.  He hasn't been talking to me other then to say hi.
Answer, nothing. I did nothing. He's been dating this chick he met at work for the last few weeks.
See, I knew it would have been a bad idea for him to continue his crush on me.  I was a blockage for him.

And then there is Male Friend #2 John.   The creepy guy everyone told me not to chat with anymore. I had commented on a topic of his, and he flipped out, removing me from his friends list.
And then sent me comments wondering why I hadn't replied to him?    Dude, you removed me remember? 

It's a new month, Mercury getting ready once again to turn backwards for a few weeks causing all sorts of trouble. 

Once again, there are no male friends in my life.

Even you my Mr. Scratchy seem to have gotten quiet on me, my scratches have healed. There has barely been any indication I'm on your mind much.  I hope all is well in your real world.

Coffee cup is empty, need a refill.  Take that any way you like.

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