Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad Sunday

What is it about the people who live in my building and fried chicken?
I'll get to that in a second.  

Mom babysat last night, and Mavis was suppose to be gone by 11:30am. So I got ready, went over cause we had dvred a bunch of movies last night to watch today.  I got there 11am.  Mavis wasn't even dressed to go home yet. Too busy making a kite out of scraps of paper.
Okay, I get that mom let the kid stay in her pajamas because didn't want to get glue on everything. 11:20am and they start to rush around getting her dressed for her mom to pick her up. 
11:30am comes and goes. 11:45am and the phone rings. My aunt can't pick her up till after 5pm.

Well, guess I'm not getting to watch the movies today. Then I get sent to the grocery, okay not a problem.  Standing in line, and they switched the check out guy. New guy. Okay, not a problem. He was so slow, slower then cold molasses on a February morning, as my grandmother would say.  The guy was flirting with the 80 year old lady in front of me. Okay, I get it, part of his job to be friendly.
My turn, and as he starts his speal, I see the one thing that made me not want him to flirt. 

Jonny R.

He's another Johnathan. So there can't be any Johnathans left in the city now. That has to be it right? I've bumped into them all, have to have.

I'm getting ready to leave, then remembered I needed to pick up some tylenol. Back through the grocery to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist on duty is named John.  I broke out laughing to the point I got the hiccups.

Make it back to mom's with her groceries, and Mavis was waiting in the hallway, with a stuffed frog, that she proceeded to hit me with while mimicking the accent of that one wrestler from the rookie show promo. That was over a week ago we watched it, and she still remembers it.

Finally, get home, open the door to the building, and greeted with a large blast of pot smoke and the smell of really greasy fried chicken. Which by the way, was the same thing that greeted me yesterday when I entered the lobby of the building.

Cosmic joke = 200   me = 0

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