Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween afternoon

Was at mom's for a bit today, there's a shocker for ya. And my uncle brought Mavis over for a few minutes after school to show my mom her costume.  She was wearing this really expensive purple plush witch's outfit, green face paint and long fingernails.

Mavis-:"I'm a witch for tonight!"  she spun around showing my mom trying to cackle then put the hat on my mom's head as she jumped and spun some more. "A real witch! Like Connie and her friend, yeah they are real witches, not like the kind you see in the movies, well, my costume is like the one from that movie we watched last week with the girl and the dog and the trolls."   she meant munchkins. "But I'm a real witch! Like Connie." she took the hat back from my mom as she continued to spin around the kitchen. "See my socks even have spiders on them, they're orange on top see auntie see."  she stuck her foot in my mom's face, then mine while my uncle just laughed.

Mom-:"There is no such thing as real witches." she glared at me.

Mavis-:"Yes there is! Connie and her friend are real witches, and you need to cover your ears cause I forgot I'm not suppose to talk about it in front of you." she ran over to me and grabbed my hands putting them over my ears.  "they bought this book from the store and, well her friend got it on the computer online, but it's got real love spells in it and they used it on this one boy in their school, he's on their hockey team, and it worked!" she pointed at the ceiling. "Cause you know how I know it worked, cause he's her boyfriend now. Connie's friend. And they hang out with all these new kids at their school, that they didn't hang out with before they became witches, so there are real witches cause Connie's one and her friend is one." she looked at me making a motion with her hand to let me know I could uncover my ears.

Then Mavis grabbed her treat bag and held it up for mom as she screamed trick or treat. She was more then disappointed when mom told her she hadn't bothered to buy any treats. She ran over to me with her treat bag and literally shoved it in my face, it smelled like cat pee. I had nothing either to give.

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery, and there was a charity book sale. I was going to just pass by it, cause books I have mounts of, but the lady in front of me in line bumped into the rack of books that were near the check out, knocking over a bunch, and as I was helping her to pick them up, found a copy of The Bride.  I had to get it.  That's just too cool. I didn't even know there was ever a book tie-in for the movie. The movie from 1985 starring Sting.
Halloween day, finding a copy of a book based on one of the best Frankenstein movies around, dude how could I pass that up? And it was for a good cause. It was a breast cancer charity, so win win.

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