Wednesday, October 9, 2013

tidbits 9th october

I was at mom's for a bit yesterday, as usual, and she ended up babysitting. Mavis came into the apartment talking a mile a minute about school then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, dropped her backpack and let out a deep sigh.
Then literally opened her mouth wide, and ran to the kitchen. "If she's here, does that mean she made cookies? Or a cake?"

When she saw that I had not been baking, she scuffed over to the sofa beside me with a pout, trying to make me laugh I might add, and sat down beside me trying to get me to change the channel.
Only I wasn't watching "tv-tv" I was watching old episodes of wrestling on the DVR, cleaning it out for space.
I happened to be watching an episode of the rookie show right then. Mavis started to giggle and brought her hand up in my face. "...and you talk and talk and talk." leaned on my bad knee and was mimicking the wrestler's accent. "...and you talk and talk and talk...and talk...he's funny." 
I have to admit, I was laughing like a lunatic for a few minutes after that one.  It happened to be a promo the Pack were part of.

Mavis-:"His hair is so long! And his hair is really long! Are they in a hair growing contest? Cause I think he wins."  she jumped up and was tapping the tv screen on Werewolf King.  "But his hair looks like it might be long too. Is that a ponytail?"  she was referring to Rebel without a Cause. "Why do they have long hair? They're boys!"

Me-:"I wish I knew."

She ran back to the sofa, sat really still for another few minutes then brought her hand up to my face and started again to mimic the one rookie wrestler. "And talk and talk and that one again. He's still funny.  The guy beside him, he's got a lot of bruises." she meant GraveDigger

Me-:"Those are tattoos."

Mavis-:"Do those come off? Like the ones I had after I went to the fair? Cause that would take a lot of scrubbing."

Me-:"No, they're real, like mine. Don't come off."

Her eyes went totally wide then she started to laugh and dramatically fell on the floor holding her stomach, "I forgot you had one."  then got back up, ran to the tv and started to count. "He's got a lot of them. Pause it! I want to know how many."

At that point I was laughing so hard my face hurt.

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