Monday, August 4, 2014

Return of the Naked Neighbour

I had asked my brother in law, if he could help put my futon together few days ago. He said no. Too busy. 
Okay, I can figure something out. Though I had no clue what. Then, as I was standing there dumping large bags of trash in the hallway so that I wouldn't trip over them while moving the rest of my stuff; it got figured out for me.

My across the hall neighbour came out of his apartment, grabbed the trash for me without saying anything and taking it out to the bins for me. When he came back into the building, I asked him for help.

Okay, first off, I have an issue asking for help in general if I'm not needing medical attention. Second, I didn't know him from a hole in the ground. We've maybe said "hi/bye/it's raining out" when bumping into each other coming or going over the whole time he's lived there. The biggest conversation to that point was the day I bumped into him like a month ago when I offered to sell the bass.

He said sure, not a problem. He'd help in exchange for the bass.

It took 6 hours over the course of two nights to get the thing together.  The instructions said "half hour assembly time".  Really? A short half hour, for who the Flash?
It might have taken less, like say 4 hours if it hadn't been for the fact my neighbour's cell phone kept binging every few minutes. He'd just joined a dating site and seemed very popular.

Me-:"I thought you were in a relationship?"

Neighbour-:"Was. We broke up...sort of. We've got a kid together, but the last year, totally unhappy so..." he shrugged as the phone binged again.

That would explain some of the flirting he was up to the other day.  After the second night and finally getting the futon to work, he just sat there. For like an hour, doing nothing but playing with the bass, badly. I had to kick him out, he just wouldn't leave.

Yes, there was a brief moment where I thought he might just be waiting for an invite to stay, but with all the comments he was making about some of the women on the dating site, I knew that wasn't where I wanted to be. Besides, he's still really hung up on his ex, plus he's got a kid.  Not my idea of fun.
But as he was leaving, two things happened. He commented on the fact that when he had first arrived, one of the new neighbours in my new building, a very nice East Indian guy, was helping me bring bags and boxes in so that I didn't block the front door too long. And, he told me anytime I needed anything, just call him.

Call.  Not text. Which for any man that I've ever known, is an oddity in itself. Other then relatives, I haven't had a man "call" in years. They always text. Seems to be a safety net for them or something.

So as I sit here now, in my new apartment, surrounded by half unpacked boxes and cardboard pieces; I'm wondering what's next? And why did my old neighbour seem a bit...catty?

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