Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dirty Laundry 38

Phoned buzzed just after 9pm, it was my cousin Walsh. Surprise surprise, I swear he's the only one other then my mom I talk to anymore.

Walsh-:"how's it going? Heard anything?"

He was referring to the whole Mr. Scratchy revealing himself by tomorrow night.


Walsh-:"How's everything else? The grocery boy ask you out yet?"

Me-:"Haven't seen him, last few times I've been there he wasn't working. Maybe he was only working for the summer?"

Walsh-:"What are  you going to do about it? Hahaha."

Me-:"Uh, nothing. You're up to something again, what is it?"

Walsh-:"Nothing. Totally behaving myself. Just got back from hockey practice..."

Me-:"You didn't get hurt did you?"

Walsh-:"...what no I'm not you. Ice is my friend. Just the guys were talking about getting together and having a poker night..."

Me-:"What's that got to do with me?"

Walsh-:"...tomorrow and watching the ppv. Reminded me that you said you were giving Mad Hatter till then to admit it's him. Thought I'd check."

Me-:"Don't you think I would have let you know if Mr. Scratchy finally admitted who he is? "

Walsh-:"Um yeah."

Me-:"Then yeah, that should tell you something if I haven't told you anything or blogged it for that matter. "

Walsh-:" Still have till tomorrow night."

Me-:"Then what? Say he does open up, then what? He's been in the shadows for so long..."

Walsh-:"Don't think negative."

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