Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyone loves a star

I got a call from my aunt, Walsh's step-mom, earlier.  "Did you get the invite for the conference next week?"  Translation, she's doing another of her lectures on how processed foods are destroying our lives. Her latest kick.

Me-:"I did, thanks."

Aunt-:"Good. I expect you to show up. I noticed you don't have any presence online."

Me-:"What do you mean?"

Aunt-:"I was checking everyone out online, and noticed you haven't done anything in over a year."  I have no idea what my aunt was actually getting at given I blog couple times a week on a bunch of different topics, not too mention the fairy tale.  Which I mentioned to her. "You need photos and videos."

Me-:"What for?"

Aunt-:"I was at this really great conference today, about how to make a better impression in business, and how everything is visual, and I thought about how you said you were doing that soulmate book too that my friend is doing, and it occurred to me; you need to have a bigger impression online."

Me-:"There's photos and stuff of me online."

Aunt-:"I haven't seen anything of you that's recent."  Okay, she got me there, nothing since my knee injury which was almost three years ago.  "On average a person has say fifteen people who find them attractive. The minute someone puts up a photo or whatever on Facebook of themselves, that turns into a hundred. You following me?"


Aunt-:"Then you have someone who's famous right, and no matter what someone looks like, the second they become famous they have thousands of followers, millions of people who adore them right?"

Me-:"I agree."

Aunt-:"So if you want to find Mr. Right, put yourself out there. Add some new photos."

Me-:"I'll think about it."

Aunt-:"Don't think, do."

We talked a bit about her latest classes, and her friend's progress with the whole looking for her soulmate, and the whole time I was thinking that she sort of had a point.  

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