Friday, September 5, 2014

Must be a Friday

Got a message about twenty minutes ago. "Are you watching the show?"  It was my cousin Walsh.


Walsh-:"Did it freeze up?"

Me-:"Yeah. Thought it was my tv."

Walsh-:"No. Ours too. Speaking of frosty things...what's up with your new grocery boy?"

Me-:"Love it when you read me. Nothing, haven't been back to the grocery since."

Walsh-:"Scared? Haha!"

Me-:"No, haven't needed to. Think I should be scared?"

Walsh-:"Na. Wear make-up when you do go. Add some colour to you."

Me-:"That would involve buying make-up first. I tossed everything that I hadn't used in the last six months."

Walsh-:"Uh okay....damn, tv froze again on my end."

Me-:"Yeah here too. Sucks."

Walsh-:"That's life for you."

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