Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunny side up with a side of fabulous

I was out of coffee. Crime in my world. It was too early for the grocery to be open yet, so I headed to the sandwich shop few doors down. One medium cup of coffee should have taken about five minutes to get there, stand in line and get back given the place had just opened for the day, should have been empty.  Dude, how wrong I was. 
I walked in, and saw these two guys sitting in the corner looking hung over to the tenth degree, one I've never seen before, the other, I haven't seen in a few years. 

JTGG-:"OH MY GODDESS!" he stood up from his seat, hands at his throat mouth open wide in mock shock. Jordan was dressed in silver pants that looked to be about five sizes too small, fur covered moccasin boots with the little pom-poms, and a navy hoodie zipped up. His hair still looked like he was trying to be Medusa all in crazy dredlocks. I could not stop looking at the moccasins, they were cool. "What are you doing here?"  he said the word you as if he was tasting something bad.

Me-:"I live here. I thought you were off in Toronto like the rest of the world?"

JTGG-:"Just home for a few days to visit my mom. I'd hug you but I've just been dancing...oh come here." he hugged me in that fake tv way with the barely touching air kiss people give. "Oh my goddess! You look terrible." he started to pick at my hair. "You haven't dyed it lately I see, you're all grey here."  he gave me a drunken smile. "So what's new?" Jordan started then to jiggle his hips as if he were listening to music, which I realized he was when I saw the little cord for his iPod.

Me-:"Nothing really. Yourself?"

JTGG-:"I'm dancing, at this fabulous little place back home in Toronto." he leaned over picking up his coffee cup, not drinking it, just holding it in his hand like it was a trophy. "You'd love it, love it! All these hot guys come there all the time, it's become so fabulous since ladies night has turned into drag night now, so you know, much better." he nodded to his friend. Who hadn't said a thing, and seemed really out of place next to Jordan, dressed just in jeans and a sweater. "When are you coming to Toronto? It will be fabulous to have you there."

I shrugged. "Not anytime soon. Totally broke, maybe next year?"

I could tell he was bored with me, as he sat back down for a few seconds looking at his breakfast which was an egg and bacon on a wrap. He used to be one of the biggest vegans ever, one of the reasons I became vegetarian to begin with. Strange seeing him shoving bacon into his mouth. Saying goodbye, I shuffled over to the counter and ordered my coffee and left.

I used to love the word fabulous, now I'll just think of Medusa when I hear it.

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