Saturday, June 21, 2014

post it June 21st 2014

First day of summer, though with the dampness and rain, you'd never know it here.
Saw a dead squirrel on the road this morning, it got caught in the wheel of someone's bike. Very strange, the other squirrels didn't seem to even notice just kept zipping across the street and back again, but the birds did. Three crows were standing guard around it on the street, squawking and chasing off the seagulls from it, and one cat. I've seen birds freak out a bit when another bird gets hit on the street, but never another animal.  Odd what you notice sometimes eh?

Anyways Herman, I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed just in those pajama bottoms, maybe having just done laundry, singing along to your latest playlist, then maybe switching to the playlist I think you've been creating every so often with songs I talk about. Admit it, even if you don't always like my taste in music, you check the songs out. Maybe one of these days Mr. Scratchy, you'll let me know what your song of the night is?

Smile, smirk and snarl.

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