Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Play that song again

Seems, I was not fast enough last night with my blog post.  I had just hit the publish button and saw in my stats that there had been a hit while I was writing.  Now I know why Mr. Scratchy, I had the intense feeling that I was racing the clock with that overnight post.

Then, I was unable to sleep which has become a horrible pattern with me.  And to add to it, I had an old Bon Jovi song playing over and over and over in my mind.
The song was so clear that I actually checked the hallway to see if anyone in the building was up with their stereo on.   None.  Peaked out the windows to see if anyone was in the parking lot but nothing.  There was no reason for me to be hearing this song the way I was.

Okay, this means that either the universe is up to something or I'm getting really bad cabin fever from having to stay inside with my broken foot.

The song was "She Don't Know Me"   and it literally just kept replaying in my mind until I did finally drift off to sleep around 3:30am.   This morning I had to hunt down the video online and watch it a few times to sort of get the song out of my head.
One of those old 1980's videos that don't make a lot of sense.  There's Bon Jovi dreaming about and following his ideal girl, while the girl next door is dreaming about him following him around, and at the end of the video; you see his confusion as he looks from one to the other.    Never really sure if the video was meaning that they were twins, or one was a doppleganger or if its a metaphor for him wanting the ideal and realizing that the plain girl was also his ideal?  That they are the same girl?

See universe might be up to something... or dare I even say that my soulmate was listening to that song late last night?  Who knows?

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