Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Feb 16th

I got a message from my cousin Walsh, asking if we'd heard anything about my dad. I told him what the doctor's said, he's out of ICU but not well enough just yet for the heart surgery. He needs to be able to handle being put under for them to do the heart surgery, and he's just not yet. The medications he would need to take before hand, could trigger another stroke.

Then Walsh tried to lighten the mood by getting to the silly.

Walsh-:"You see the promo Mad Hatter did? That was totally cause of what you wrote."

Me-:"Okay. Wh..."  my phone rang before I could finish sending my message. "Yeah?"

Walsh-:"Sorry. My phone died, on the land-line. Did you get what I sent?"

Me-:"Yeah, you said he read my blog today."

Walsh-:"Don't sound so enthused. You handling it all okay?"   I could hear him running water and cupboards being closed.

Me-:"You making coffee?"


Me-:"Great, now you've got me wanting one."  I didn't feel like getting up and going to the kitchen so I just sat there thinking about a coffee. The steam rolling from the cup in grey-silver tendrils, the swirl of the liquid as the milk clouded for a half coffee junkie's porn.

Walsh-:"You still there?"

Me-:"Debating on how lazy I am right now if I want that coffee bad enough."    My cousin laughed at me. "One of these days, I would love to see Mad Hatter do a promo in long red underwear."  my cousin broke out laughing again, like choking unable to breath laughing. "With a big moose on his shirt. Then I'll know."  I gave in and went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee.

Walsh-:"Know what?"


I told him I had to go and finished watching the show.

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