Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Memories of you

I was digging through a box in the storage room just a bit ago, and came across my old video camera. It still had a tape lodged in it, and even though the battery no longer takes a charge, in fact the battery charger seems to have been lost in the move; the cable to plug it in was there in the box. So, I powered up the old camera and it works. The video tape that was in the machine, had footage of myself and a buddy from few years ago hanging out being goofs. I was about forty pounds thinner as it was obviously pre-knee injury.
I haven't thought of this man in years, but I found myself really missing him all of a sudden. I loved talking to him, which we did all the time. 
What I didn't like, was being around him for too long physically. As much as I found him to be a blast, and a really sweet guy; I didn't feel completely safe around him.

I know how out there this is going to sound, but when we were mire feet away hanging in a coffee shop or god forbid, driving anywhere, I would get a strange vibe off him. I feared being in a car with him at any point just because he was a reckless driver. And being in any kind of physical space with him for more then twenty minutes, would have my skin crawling.

There always seemed to be this vortex around him. I wish I had a better way to describe the vibe, but there was just something...unsettling about him.

My horoscope lately has talked about memories and doors opening to second chances. I chalked it up to the former one night stand having contacted me the other week, but now I'm starting to wonder if there isn't more to it then just that? 

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