Thursday, February 19, 2015

post it note 18th new moon

Dear Mr. Scratchy:
Just watched the Thursday night show which we get a day early here in Canada. So it's actually the Wednesday night show...anyways, I see Mad Hatter did something I suggested...nice. And he made it funny for the amount of time he had.
New moon, new monthly zodiac and Chinese New Year all back to back today. Great energy because of it.  And I decided to face one of my fears. If you want to call it that. More like stop this one set of excuses for doing something I used to love. Started a project, in which I looked like crap but it will improve over time.
I know, bit of a twisted half hint but Herman, if you're meant to see it you will.  Okay Herman, I'm exhausted, my ears have been burning since last night off and on, and for some reason my ribs are killing me.
So this is the part where I say I imagine you checking in to this tonight/morning dressed in a navy thermal long sleeved shirt and dark jeans, a take away coffee in hand, the stir stick hanging out of your mouth, ipod in your ears playing the playlist from the fairytale...and why the hell do I suddenly think you have drum sticks in your back pocket?  Alright lets go with it...I prefer bass players but whatever eh?
As usual smile smirk and snarl.

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