Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dirty Laundry 43

There was a knock on my window just before 9:30a.m. Scared the life out of me. When I looked to see, there was my cousin Walsh standing there with one of his co-workers. I went up to let them in.

Walsh-:"Working across the street there and I really don't want to use that portable toilet." he headed straight for the bathroom, his co-worker laughing half embarrassed.

Me-:"What would you have done if I wasn't home?"

Buddy-:"The sandwich shop few doors down."

I had one of my tarot decks spread out on the kitchen table, doing a reading for myself, studying how they connect to astrology. Not an easy task I must say, as just like each individual deck is written and designed from one author's point of view, you get hundreds of different meanings so when you add things like astrology and numerology to the mix, it depends on which system the author used. And I'm lost with Vedic astrology completely.  Anyways, buddy there saw my tarots and sort of creeped towards the table pointing at it.

Buddy-:"You do that sort of stuff?"  I nodded. "Like for money?" he instinctively brought his hand back to his back pocket area, but they were in their work gear; so his overalls got in the way of reaching for his wallet.

Me-:"No. I'm not that good. Why you want a reading?"   My cousin came out of the bathroom and his co-worker needed to go.

Walsh-:"Any news?"

Me-:"About dad, no."

Walsh-:"So what the hell was up with your post the other night? Seemed like you were drunk or something?"

Me-:"What post I did a bunch this week."  He meant the one on here the other day. "I don't know to be honest. I just had this intense urge to do one, like being on a deadline or something. Just didn't have anything to say."  Walsh laughed at me just as his co-worker came out of the toilet. He gestured again to the tarots so I offered to do a reading for him.
All four of the aces turned up along with the High Priestess and the World.  "These here are the pregnancy cards." I pointed to the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles. Dude's eyes went wide. "The ace of wands is a creation card, beginnings, seeds, fertility. And the ace of pentacles is manifestation. Anything that can become physical is about to. Could be a project, a loan as the pentacles are money related too."  He started to touch the Ace of Swords card asking about it. "Extreme force, extreme emotions. But can also be a card of valor, champions." He nodded swallowing as I went on about the rest of the cards. The high priestess being a card of the unknown, the ace of cups being connected to abundance, and the world endings and beginnings.  But he seemed too quiet, just sitting there not really listening to me. Walsh just stood there for the first couple of minutes then wandered over to my computer.
Buddy sat there scratching his ear for a moment then really embarrassed, just blushing like crazy, said his ex-girlfriend told him few days ago she was pregnant.  My cousin turned around in the computer chair just stunned.

Buddy-:"I hadn't told anyone. No one. Cause we aren't sure we're keeping it."  I pointed to the High Priestess saying that's where the unknown part was most likely coming in. "Thanks for letting me use your bathroom. And..." he stood up totally beet red. "I don't know why you think you're not good enough to charge money. Cause that was mindblowing."

Walsh-:"I've told you get over your insecurities."

They left and I just sort of sat there for a few minutes on a total high. That wrong of me to be giddy that I just confirmed the dude's fears?  I don't remember the last time I've seen all four aces come up in a reading, that's like a miracle on it's own. 
I've had readings done for me over the years by people who have degrees in it. They're the ones who end up blowing my mind with readings; some of who have written books on tarot. And I've had readings done by people who made me wonder if they'd ever even shuffled a deck before that day? 
I would love to do readings professionally. It's an idea I've wrestled with for years. But I know I'm not as good as someone who can break down every single card's symbol and connection and get into the philosophy, psychology, of it. I get random vibes and images when I read. I think what makes a great reader is someone who can mix the two.

Okay, so for me that was an excellent reading even if it was bad news for the dude.

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