Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday 13th 2015 10:30pm

Ever have one of those moments when you think someone is flirting with you but you're not sure?  I went to the pizza place few buildings away today at lunch time. Which I must remember next time to wait an hour, as it was jammed wall to wall with teenagers on lunch-break. Anyways, I was standing there in line waiting my turn, and the guy ahead of me when asked if he wanted anything to drink replied "beer." 
The server started to kid around with him, saying he'd buy the first round if the dude picked up the rest of the check. He continued on in that manner, pointing out how with it being Friday before Valentines' that it was "single's day" at the bars.  He said this three times within a minute. The guy standing ahead of me turned towards me, hooked his thumb at the server and said "he want's someone to take pity on him. Ask him out."

I stood there half expecting one of the teenaged girls sitting at the nearest table to make a comment, as I had seen a few of them just drooling over the server. 
And he was cute. 6 '2, jet black hair, brown eyes, couldn't have been more then 24-25.  Surprisingly, none of the teenaged girls took the bait. All of them just quietly ate their pizzas. Odd in itself right?
While the dude ahead of me was waiting for his order, the server took my order and disappeared into the back.  The teenaged girls left while he was back there.

When the server returned, he joked a bit more about it being single's day with the guy ahead of me, then handed him his order.  My next thought was he was flirting with the guy.  As I was standing there waiting for my food, one of the teenaged girls returned, walked up to the edge of the counter and flat out asked him for his number.  He blushed, just stood there for a few beats then told her it wouldn't be right, as he was into someone else.  The girl blushed and left almost in a run.

Then he turns to me and goes "Don't you just hate that? When you get caught with someone interested in you when you're so not into them?"  I just sort of smiled not knowing what to say. Cause usually, I'm the one asking some guy for his number and him turning me down. The next thing out of his mouth sort of threw me. "I've seen you going to the grocery. When I've been coming to work. Seen you walking past here like all the time. So you must live around here then eh?"  I said that I lived across the parking lot. He nodded and handed me my order. I was about to leave when he commented that he'd be there all day tomorrow running the place by himself, because it was Valentine's day and he was the only staff single, everyone else had a date. 

Pizza dudes gotta love them.

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