Saturday, September 14, 2013


I just cleaned out some spam comments from the site. Ironically, two things 1) they criticized my spelling/typos when theirs was not good either. 2) they left a porn site link. 

They commented on not being able to tell the reality because of the spelling.  Starters, Canadian. Much different then American spelling, and yes I do have typos. If I catch a typo I will fix it. But the spelling is proper, I do have a dictionary and I do use it. My thesaurus too.  Oxford Canadian editions.
And as far as reality goes, it's all happened. Hence the note on the side about name changes.

Anyways, moving on...

Tomorrow is the monthly ppv. I'm firmly in favour of Mad Hatter, Werewolf King and Rebel without a Cause keeping their titles.  I want the Pack to win at all costs.  I did catch up with last night's wrestling, while at mom's this afternoon.  She is starting to get evil with it, cheering for Silverpants when I was clearly wanting Mad Hatter to win.

So Mr. Scratchy, damn it!

That's about all for the moment.

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