Sunday, September 1, 2013

Post it Sept 1st 2013

Was at mom's this afternoon, you know the usual, and my sister stopped in. She'd had a argument with her guy, and was just needing a break.

Sister- :"Men are so stupid I swear. He's been acting like I don't know what the last few weeks since he hurt his leg. But it's been worse this weekend and he refuses to go get it checked out. The more it hurts, the more he gets pissy with me. So I got into the car and just went for a drive."

Mom-:"They are all just babies. Every last one of them."

Sister-:"Oh and I told him twice to go to the emerge for x-rays, no tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. His mom turns around tells him the same thing I did, and he's like 'well, maybe I should'. Like I don't know what I'm talking about or something. I was ready to throw the coffeepot at him."

Mom-:"Give him some slack, he does all the work, all the cooking..."

My sister glared at my mom. "No he doesn't! He hasn't lifted a finger in god knows how long. No, I know how long, before football started. I come home from work, do the shopping for the week, cook all the meals, do all the laundry and the cleaning and what does he do? Goes with the kids to football. That's it. Hasn't done a thing in months."

Mom-:"Well he works hard all day..."

Sister-:"He sits on his butt in front of a computer. Works hard my ass. I'm the one on my feet all day."

At one point, I really wanted to slap my hand on the edge of the coffee table and count to two. Dude, there are rare moments like that when I'm glad I don't have a husband to be upset about.
And yes, our mother believes that my brother-in-law is god's gift to the world.  god only knows why?

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