Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday 5th 2013 SEPT

Was cleaning out the dvr at mom's this afternoon, and out of nowhere she says to me "Why don't you ever watch Skunk-boy anymore?"   Meaning The Celebrity. "I haven't seen anything with him in ages, don't you like him anymore?"

Mom paying real attention to the shows? Was the roof about to cave in on us? Did hell freeze over?

Me-:"I can't, he's not on a tv show on any of the channels we have anymore."  I left off the fact I haven't caught up with Company #2 in three weeks so I'm assuming he's still working in the Japan company.

This got me thinking about the stuff in life we get used to, the shows, the heroes, things in general that we sort of take for granted.  That got me thinking about changes, missed opportunities, staying stuck.

See, one big chain reaction.

Which has lead me back to wondering where I put some of my dvds from Company #2 that had The Celebrity?  I could use a dose of his matches right about now.

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