Friday, September 27, 2013

27th Sept 2013

Well, I think I'm actually loosing my mind.

Two days in a row I've come home and there has been a strange perfume in the hallway between my living room and kitchen, and it looks like someone went through my laundry. A pair of pants were pulled out from the middle of the pile.
Here's the thing, my landlord is the only one with a key to the individual apartments. Nothing else seems to be disturbed. But it's unsettling.

Either that or I've got gremlins.  I'm rooting for the gremlins. Lest then I know I'm safe. Crazy but safe.

Speaking of going nutballs, was in the Halloween store earlier, just looking around at the displays. One of which is an automated haunted house in the back of the store, and the display of monster babies got to me.
There is a zombie baby eating it's foot, a demon baby with horns and a tail, and a vampire baby with a bottle of blood. They make horrible noises when you walk past them. Motion detectors.
So here's me, standing there looking at this holiday display, smiling at first at the demon and vampire babies and thinking, "yeah that's what my kid would be like."
Then I pretty much started crying.

What the hell?   I hate kids.

This isn't the first time I've gotten little mushy over the idea of a kid.  First time I've gotten mushy in the middle of a Halloween display over robot dolls... hence the loosing my mind part.

Every few years, I have a few weeks where I get like that. Thinking what if.  Just seems the last few times, it's gotten worse. Way way worse. Maybe it's true, no matter how settled in your ideas and values, there comes a time when every woman starts to hear that damned clock ticking away.

That biological clock needs to be smashed.

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