Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday, Pluto and Coffee

Checking the newsletters I get, researching astrology charts, notes, and this is a time of scandals. Could explain the bad vibes I've been having all week. Then again might not.

There are times I miss being part of a coven. I really hate the word coven, like I'm not as thrilled with the word witch either.

I went with mom to her dentist appointment yesterday, and while I was sitting around the place waiting, this one delivery guy came in.  Really cute, tall dark hair, and waxed legs.  What now?
I've dated my share of bi-guys, but our city has become a magnet for them.  Yes, I am assuming stuff about the delivery guy, which I shouldn't. He might be an athlete. Might be a swimmer. Might be an actor? Who knows? Then again, he might be really really vain.

Don't bother trying to follow my train of thought, because I'm not sitting here making the post responsible, just free flowing babble. Over coffee.

One of the chats on the social site last night got heavy. Angry. I had to literally sign out of the site and just stop taking part in the chats altogether. It gave me weird vibes, I had this sudden feeling like I was going to vomit for no reason and made me mad. This is why I don't want to know about famous people's real lives. Back to that idea of scandals.

But anyways.

This is becoming a trend, the overly smooth men. Waxing and all. I have said once before I like the idea of men shaving their armpits every so often, but really, legs?

Well, Mr. Scratchy, Herman; must ear is burning so someone is talking about me. It's you and your buddies this morning isn't it? Talking about the latest part of the fairy tale. I know it, you love me.

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