Sunday, September 8, 2013

p.s. height?

Herman, I have a crazy obsession with height.  I'm short, because of leg and back injuries, as I've talked about everywhere online, can't wear heels.  One side of my family are all 6 feet +, the men and women. Very tall.  The other side of my family, all under 5 '11. Short.
I've always tended towards shorter men. I find that both sexy and more of a convenience.  As far as writing goes, it's the one thing that can help show the "gaps" between characters.  He towered over her, she reached up pulling him down to her height for a kiss, he bent his forehead to hers,  etc.

I've blogged elsewhere in past years about the height of wrestlers and how I don't believe that half of you are even close to what you're billed at.  I noticed a couple of the wrestlers in the last couple of years, admitted they were shorter then they were billed. Cool.

What is it about society's obsession with tall people?  Specially tall men?  For well over a century, when a woman would describe her ideal man, three words came to play  Tall Dark and Handsome.  Why?  A tall man does not mean better. Usually it just means you need a longer bed and/or sofa for them to be comfortable when they sleep stealing the covers cocooning themselves in the blankets... sorry off topic flashbacks to an old boyfriend.

Lately, my tastes have expanded to taller men. All puns intended. Reflecting in my stories of course. Come to think of it, the last few guys I was ever involved with were all hovering around 6'4.  One used to smash his glasses on the door when he came over.

So, Mr. Scratchy...just how tall are you really?  

And I'm asking,  because I was watching one of the Pack's matches from few weeks ago when they appeared on the rookie show, and they(you) all looked the same height. All billed different of course, but all appeared...equal.

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