Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Must be the Full Moon

Went to the grocery to get milk. Simple, one thing should have taken me ten minutes total to get there and back.
It took an hour. Seriously, everyone seemed to be standing in line at the grocery tonight. And the traffic was freaky heavy.

So I'm in the dairy section of the store, getting milk. I reach for the container, and this old woman hits me with her walker, on purpose glares at me and rips the door to the freezer out of my hand, shoves her walker onto my foot and elbows me.    I'm thinking, damn it's just a container of milk. 
Halloween candy is out, and as I'm passing that section, little kids climbing the shelves to get to it. No parents in sight.   And I'm thinking, if they fall they are going to smash their skulls on the floor.
Go to stand in line, and there are two check outs open. Express, and one regular. Just about to get in line for the express, when the chick put up a sign saying she was going on break. Get into line for the regular, and am standing there forever as this old couple had not one, not two but three big carts full. I'm thinking  I could just have my coffee black it won't kill me. But by then it was too late to get out of line, totally trapped between the old couple and a group of guys who looked new.  They were either college students or else the new crop of miners. Either way, there was literally fifteen, twenty-something men standing inches away from me, and I looked like something you would find under the sofa. 
It would seem a few of those guys must like sofa leftovers, because one was smiling at me the whole time, started blushing at one point looking like he was about to say something, when one of his buddies elbowed him.

Finally walking home, and the traffic was psycho busy. I was standing waiting at the damned corner for almost fifteen minutes just waiting for a break in the traffic.

Then thunder.  

It is the night before the full moon.

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