Monday, August 18, 2014

Randomness Aug 18th

Sitting here listening to the crows outside the window, wondering how I'm going to connect the next few pieces of the fairy tale. I suddenly hear this scratching noise, massively loud, and start heading towards where it is. The kitchen. Start opening cupboards, nothing. Thank god! Still hearing it. It's coming from the front door. Look through the peeper but there isn't anyone. The noise is still happening, and louder. Dare to open the door and find, someone's dog on a broken leash in the hallway.

This little kid comes running down the hall with the other half of the broken leash in his hand, and something that I think is jello smeared on his face. Might have been jam, or lolli? Who knows. He stops, tucks himself next to the wall all shy and quickly runs over to grab the broken leash.  Only the dog runs from him thinking it's a game.  Dog runs down the hall barely clearing the corner as he does, runs back, runs down the hall around the corner again. The whole time the little boy looks like he's going to cry.

He starts to run after him then stop, turns and does that open hand-closed hand wave kids do. Then back down the hall and disappears around the corner.

And now, the heavy scent of peanut butter and fried food seems to be coming from somewhere in the hallway as I close the door and go back into my place.

And I still have no clue how to piece together the next part of the fairy tale?

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