Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dirty Laundry 35

I sent a message to my cousin Walsh. "I've lost it! Totally gone."

The phoned buzzed a few seconds later.  "What? Was this for me?"

Oh crap! I sent it not to my cousin but to my Naked Neighbour. His number was next to my cousin's.

Me-:"Sorry. No not for you. Sorry."

NN-:"No worries. How are you?"

Me-:"Good. You?"

NN-:"Not bad. Would be better if I had more beer. So what did you loose?"


I tried again sending the message to my cousin Walsh, double checking this time.


Me-:"My muse. Gone! Have you been reading the fairy tale lately? I don't know what I'm doing, it's turned to crap and I need to talk."

Walsh-:"No, haven't had a chance with work. I'll check later. How can your muse be gone? I thought you were totally inspired by Mad Hatter and them?"

Me-:"Was. Now...nothing. It's like dried dirt."

Walsh-:"Haha! That would be dust."


Walsh-:"Well, maybe you just need to stop for awhile and write something else?"

Me-:"Why didn't I think of that? Oh right cause nothing is coming to me! At all. I tried that and got two sentences in an entire day. I can't go through writer's block again! Last time it was over two years with it and I can't..."

He went silent and I started flipping channels till I got to the Food Network. Just sort of zoned out and had a cup of tea, waiting. Writer's block has become an issue for me the way not having enough money to pay bills does for other people. It sends me into such a panic, and the longer I can't seem to break out of it, the more it weighs on me. 

Phone buzzed again with a message from Walsh. "I think you should talk to him."

Me-:"Don't start. Did you read it yet?"

Walsh-:"No, will later. Facebook, Twitter..."

Me-:"Shut up! That's creepy."

Walsh-:"It's what it's there for. For fans to stalk their heroes. Haha!"

Me-:"You're not helping. I need inspiration."

Walsh-:"That would inspire me, talking to my favourite wrestler."

Me-:"I'm not you."


Fine, I'm a coward, a big coward.  Big coward with writer's block.

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