Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sign here

There was a knock at the door a half hour ago. Which, given it was not even 7:30am, was a bit unnerving. Checking the peeper (finally, not having to just take a chance when opening the door like at the old place) I saw two guys standing there with a clipboard.
I recognized the one guy as being the neighbour down the hall who helped me move in the first night, so I opened the door. (the very nice East Indian man my Naked Neighbour from the old apartment was catty about)

"We need you to sign here don't have a dog do you?"  this was the other guy with him.

Me-:"No, no dog."

Second Guy-:"Very good. Please, sign this as we are trying to get the manager to remove the dog in that apartment."   he pointed to the nearest door on the right. "They never take their dog out at night and it poops everywhere."

I have to admit, I was a little shocked few days ago to find what looks like pee stains on the rug of the hallway when I went to check the mail.

First Guy-:"We're not trying to get all pets removed from the building, just that one."

I looked at it, saw there were four names already and wondered who do I want to anger more? The person with the dog or these other guys?

Me-:"I've only been here a few days, they haven't bothered me...yet, so I don't know if I really want to be part of this?"

Second Guy-:"There are twenty apartments on this floor, and we need all the other nineteen to sign for that one to be dealt with."

First Guy-:"We're going to be late for work."

Me-:"Sorry. Just don't think I..."

The door to the main street opened, and this guy came in with four little dogs. He didn't say anything, didn't look at anyone, just went on past with the dogs, and knocked on the door of the neighbour in question. We stood there like idiots just waiting.
The door opened and two more little dogs ran out into the hallway as this guy made his way into the apartment with the four leashed ones before calling for the two that were now in the hallway.  The one little fluffy white one peed on the wall by the maintenance room door.

Me-:"That's not all his right?"

Second Guy-:"No idea. I just know the two that came out of the apartment, he never takes them out."

Me-:"Wow! I can't believe I just saw that." 

I signed it.  If I hadn't of seen it happen right there in front of me, I wouldn't have, but there it was. Dog owner just not caring.  Starting to think I traded in one type of apartment hell for another.

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